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Results for 2023-01-25

10:22 sleary joined #evergreen
10:23 Dyrcona xmllint and namespaces..... :(
10:25 Dyrcona Remove the namespace and I still get XPath set is empty....
10:27 Dyrcona Can I pick records to test, or what? <datafield tag="024" ind1=" " ind2=" "><subfield code="">660355362927</subfield></datafield>
10:27 Dyrcona No subfield code.....
10:27 Dyrcona How's that even possible?
10:30 Dyrcona And, another one with a blank subfield code.
12:51 Dyrcona OK. I got back to messing with my UPCs and I've verified that the XPath should work. Guess I'll have to wait for the full ingest to finish. One of the options that I used yesterday must have prevented the identifiers from being handled.
12:55 Dyrcona Oof!
12:55 Dyrcona I see I still have a problem and the XPath that I updated won't work....
12:58 Dyrcona I had to modify it slightly for the test script, and I assumed it was equivalent to what was in the database. It was not.
12:59 Dyrcona OK! Now, it works with the same syntax.
13:00 Dyrcona Too many different domain specific languages to try and keep straight.... "Says you..." "Says who?" "Says you, the Lisp guy."
13:00 Dyrcona There's a joke in there. I promise. :)
13:22 Dyrcona And, here come the "closing early" emails on the directors' list... :)
13:54 jeff just perpetually overcast and gray skies here: https://youtu.be/FDvImJ_6HYw
15:12 Dyrcona Looks like I finally fixed the XPath. I've got 106 entries in identifier_field_entry and they all look like UPCs.  The ingest hasn't finished, yet.
15:44 jeffdavis I've got a 3.9.1 test server where I've generated search suggestions (ran the sideloader steps and populated search.symspell_dictionary with >6M rows) and have the org settings/internal flags set to default values, the but I'm not seeing any suggestions on my test searches. Are there other steps I need to take to make this work?
15:58 Dyrcona jeffdavis: Are you doing single word searches?
16:00 jeffdavis good question - I am, I'll double check with other testers
16:05 jihpringle jeffdavis: I just tried a single word and then a multiple word search on our testing server and I don't see anything new whether I get results or not
16:49 Dyrcona Sorry, got distracted by some work. :)
16:50 Dyrcona It has been a while since I looked at it. I'll have to do some code diving tomorrow.
16:50 Dyrcona Cheers!

Results for 2023-01-23

14:31 jeff can you explain what you mean by "do not look like UPCs"? also, depending on a number of things, you might have a lot of outliers in that LIMIT 100...
14:31 Dyrcona Yeah, when I do field = 18 they look like ISBNs, and 18 is ISBN.
14:32 Dyrcona jeff: No problem: 192326039 | 4144895 |    20 | 1. Selected Economic Indicators, 2014-212. Financial Soundness Indicators, 2010-16; ANNEXES; I. Risk Assessment Matrix; II. Report on the Observance of Standards and Codes (ROSCs)-Summary Assessments of BCP; III. Report on the Observance of Standards and Codes (ROSCs)-Summary Assessments of ICP; IV. Report on the Observance of Standards and Codes (ROSCs)-Summary Assessments of C
14:32 Dyrcona PFMI; V. Previous FSAP Recommendations; VI. Banking Stress Testing Matrix; VII. Corporate Stress Testing Matrix. 1. The FSCFIGURES; 1. The Macro Context; 2. A Bank Dominated Financial Sector; 3. Banking Sector Profile; 4. Bank Business Model Convergence; 5. Bank Measures of Systemic Risk and Spillover Networks; 6. Banks' FX and Liquidity Risks; 7. Banks' Returns, Asset Quality, and Solvency; 8. Corporate Sector Risks and Vul
14:32 Dyrcona ies; 9. Summary Results of Solvency Stress Tests of Major Banks; 10. Results of the Liquidity Stress Tests of Major Banks; 11. Funding Liquidity-Solvency Feedback in Solvency Stress Tests; 12. Corporate Sector Stress Test Analysis; TABLES.
14:32 Dyrcona That's definitely NOT a UPC.
14:32 jeff ah, yes.
14:32 Dyrcona That's the first result row. I must have a conflicting definition somewhere.
14:36 Dyrcona So, we've got 505 and 246 possibly showing up.
14:37 Dyrcona I used to know this part of Evergreen better than I do now.
14:38 Dyrcona jeff++ mmorgan++
14:39 Dyrcona This is on a development/test system. I guess I'll double check production, too. Maybe it was something in this upgrade script....
14:39 jeff nothing stock references 505, but in mods that's tableOfContents, which is matched by the xpath for the keyword field "toc".
14:40 jeff also, that specific record is deleted in your live system, which may or may not mean that its being skipped on reingests/etc.
14:40 jeff s/its/it's/

Results for 2023-01-20

15:05 Dyrcona pinesol: That's not helpful.
15:05 pinesol Dyrcona: Sorry, that command is only available to Evergreen Premium™ Subscribers. Please upgrade your subscription ASAP!
15:05 Dyrcona :)
15:07 Dyrcona Hrm. This worked when I tested it yesterday. I must be missing an option.
15:11 Dyrcona Ok. Forgot to use the --directory option because the hierarchy changes from one repo to the other.
15:24 Dyrcona So, I'm going to test that format-patch | am trick to manage template customization. It just might work.
15:44 jeffdavis sorry about the tree and the chainsaw, hope the cars really are ok :(
15:54 Dyrcona jeffdavis: Thanks! There's no visible damage, not even the moon roof on mine.
16:00 Dyrcona https://drive.google.com/file/d/118z2rQoAvw​45kCiwdDjqykrLDBF6lfKP/view?usp=share_link

Results for 2023-01-13

12:49 jvwoolf joined #evergreen
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13:42 JBoyer Dyrcona++ # an off-hand comment lead to a test case fix so 3.8.2 can proceed as planned!
13:43 Dyrcona JBoyer++ # For realizing the issue was in the concerto data load for Pg 10+
14:11 miker Bmagic: from yesterday, re asset.copy vs serial.unit, if you're gathering data for future loading as part of an expanded data set, you def want to use "SELECT ... FROM ONLY asset.copy ..." because of the inheritance. but, in normal operation, yes, you'll definitely see serial.unit rows "through" the asset.copy table -- that's 100% intended.
14:14 Bmagic yep, I did come to the same conclusion, and edited my code with "ONLY" - that seems to have fixed the bug

Results for 2023-01-12

12:44 JBoyer Hah, I suppose you could also set fingerprint = 'fixme!' :D
12:45 Dyrcona :)
12:46 mantis1 joined #evergreen
12:49 jvwoolf JBoyer++
12:50 jvwoolf I got a test database and a batch of records to target, I've got nothing to lose!
12:50 Dyrcona jvwoolf++
12:51 JBoyer jvwoolf++
13:07 pinesol News from commits: Docs: Evergreen web services docs <https://git.evergreen-ils.org/?p=E​vergreen.git;a=commitdiff;h=2ca151​971be655225c12c34fef3191fcdcd8ac38>

Results for 2023-01-11

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12:21 JBoyer Dyrcona++ # testing
12:47 jeffdavis csharp_: hope it helps! So far we haven't seen that issue since deploying the fix here, hopefully that means it's working. :)
13:02 csharp_ jeffdavis: so far so good
14:07 kmlussier joined #evergreen

Results for 2023-01-10

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14:01 mantis1 HI all.  Pushed a working branch to the EG repo but can't find it/can't check the branch out in my test box
14:01 mantis1 command was git push working lp1853630_carousel_shelving_location_desc:user/g​monti/lp1853630_carousel_shelving_location_desc
14:02 mmorgan mantis1: it
14:02 mmorgan 's in the working repo: https://git.evergreen-ils.org/?p=working/Eve​rgreen.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/user/gmon​ti/lp1853630_carousel_shelving_location_desc
14:02 mantis1 ah thank you
14:02 mmorgan did you do a git fetch working?
14:02 mantis1 I did sorry I was looking in the wrong repo
14:02 mantis1 Thank you!
14:03 mantis1 Do we add a sign off tag to the LP ticket?
14:04 mantis1 or is that just after testing?
14:05 Dyrcona mantis1: If you signoff the branch, all you have to do on the ticket is say that you pushed a signoff branch and where the branch is.
14:05 Dyrcona It's probably best to wait until after you've tested it. I don't add my signoff if I can't get it to work.
14:05 mmorgan mantis1: It needs a pullrequest tag, the signoff tag gets added by the tester
14:05 Dyrcona Oh, yeah. You can add the signoff tag if you tested it.
14:06 Dyrcona I may have misunderstood the situation.
14:06 Dyrcona The original author doesn't add the signoff tag for their signoff.
14:06 mantis1 mmorgan++ Dyrcona++
15:08 Dyrcona jihpringle++ jeffdavis++
15:08 terranm jihpringle++ jeffdavis++
15:08 Dyrcona Some of those will slow things down.
15:08 jeffdavis Testers could also use it during bug squashing weeks, people doing acceptance testing on paid development project, etc.
15:09 sandbergja 3 and 7 also seem difficult.  We don't really have comprehensive information about how all our functionality/settings are supposed to work.
15:09 sandbergja be it 100% test coverage or a super-detailed manual
15:10 JBoyer I do like the idea of basing an interface comparison checklist on it. You don't necessarily need to know how to use all of an interface if you can tell that you can get to X on dojo but not Angular. (so long as it's not an intentional workflow change)
15:10 sandbergja so I'd be interested in some conversation about how developers can get all that info before embarking on an angularization
15:13 Dyrcona I wonder if the Angular version needs to have feature parity with the previous interfaces(s). What if we came up with better ways of doing things?
15:14 mmorgan re: library settings - it seems like calls to get library settings in existing code shouldn't be too hard to identify.
15:14 JBoyer That's what I was getting at yeah. If you can get the same outcome with a different UI that's fine, but being able to do something in the old and busted but not the new hotness isn't great.
15:15 tlittle #info tlittle = Tiffany Little, PINES
15:17 jeffdavis IMO the state of our tests/docs means that we'll never catch all of these problems. I think the idea with a checklist was to make sure we're consciously thinking about these types of things at some point during the contribution process.
15:17 berick yeah, what jeffdavis said
15:17 Dyrcona This is going to be unpopular, but maybe we need stricter standards than "works for me" and X number of signoffs.
15:18 sandbergja Dyrcona: what did you have in mind?
15:19 berick so more emphasis is good
15:19 berick and having a record of usual gotchas helps focus
15:20 abneiman this is also where non-technical end users can be helpful - in terms of interface & workflow evalution
15:20 Dyrcona sandbergja: I'm not really looking for more process, but I do think we need better automated tests, etc. I don't have much specific in mind at the moment.
15:20 mmorgan abneiman++
15:21 Dyrcona Also, what abneiman said. We need more end users involved.
15:21 tlittle abneiman++
15:22 mmorgan It's difficult for end users to get more involved, difficult for them to get their hands on the new development to test on.
15:22 JBoyer Yeah, testers rarely need to be conversant in the technical bits, and sometimes the tech types don't know so much about how the end users do their thing.
15:23 mmorgan Bugsquashing week is huge, but test systems are not real world.
15:23 gmcharlt yeah - I think an additional factor is committer time, and more automation can help around the edges
15:23 tlittle Numbers 6-7 are concrete things that fall squarely on the dev's shoulders, though, imo
15:24 mmorgan tlittle++
15:25 JBoyer But to mmorgan's point, it's difficult to test on realistic data if you don't have the local staff to build and rebuild test systems. :-/
15:25 Dyrcona Well, hire someone. What we need is more resources. It's that simple.
15:26 terranm Yeah, we find a lot of issues when we do our intensive pre-upgrade testing with a copy of real data. And then more issues when we go live.
15:27 mmorgan Dyrcona: Agreed more resources, but imo it doesn't seem that simple to hire someone and bring them up the Evergreen learning curve.
15:29 berick it may be helpful to consider that this phase of EG dev won't last forever.
15:29 berick there's only so many non-Angular UI's
15:31 dmoore oh duh, thanks
15:31 sleary Even just focusing on the Angular UIs is a steep learning curve. I have had trouble with the lack of inline documentation on what various components do. (This topic is on the next new dev agenda, btw.)
15:31 csharp_ dmoore: feel free to ask if there are other acronyms/jargon you don't understand
15:32 sandbergja Dyrcona: for me, I think that goes back to better automated tests and docs -- hopefully when/if we migrate away from Angular, we'd have better safeguards against regressions
15:32 mmorgan All part of the learning curve :)
15:32 csharp_ part of the answer is new devs - both in general and the new devs group
15:32 sandbergja also, here's hoping Angular stays healthy for quite some time yet. :-)
15:34 csharp_ jihpringle++ jeffdavis++
15:34 abneiman yes, jihpringle++ jeffdavis++ I have already bookmarked this
15:34 terranm Same here
15:34 sleary Very useful! And I would like to do more with automated testing as well.
15:34 mmorgan Agreed QA gotchas will be useful, there will always be change, we just need to manage it well
15:35 mmorgan *just*
15:35 jvwoolf jihpringle++ jeffdavis++
15:35 JBoyer So, I do think it should go to the dev lists (perhaps quarterly or so, even) so that we can move on to the second action item from the last meeting. :)
15:35 Dyrcona This list is a good outline of where we need to pay attention, and tests/standard can be built around it.
15:35 JBoyer Which is
15:35 JBoyer #info Bmagic to email the development list about a way to share common Evergreen tools with the community.
15:36 JBoyer Though I don't think Bmagic is available at the moment and I don't recall seeing this on the lists. We'll kick that can down the road.
15:39 JBoyer Note though, if anyone else has an interest in the expanded sample data set and opinions on integration and etc. feel free to poke around,
15:40 JBoyer Ugh, look at me, forgetting to add something to the agenda myself, heh.
15:40 JBoyer #topic Evergreen Release Updates
15:40 JBoyer #info I've built a 3.8.2 release to end the 3.8 line now that 3.10 is out, if you can help test it's at https://evergreen-ils.org/downl​oads/Evergreen-ILS-3.8.2.tar.gz (Note, I'm going to have to make a docs change before it's final-final, but no code changes.)
15:41 gmcharlt JBoyer++
15:41 shulabear Jboyer++
15:41 sandbergja JBoyer++
15:41 mmorgan JBoyer++
15:41 Dyrcona JBoyer++
15:41 JBoyer It is 1. wicked late, and 2. not too difficult to test. IF you have access to a 3.8.1 db especially and can help test it (I know the version upgrade is fine for concerto, but you know how that goes)
15:41 terranm JBoyer++
15:41 tlittle JBoyer++
15:42 rfrasur JBoyer++
15:48 mmorgan jeffdavis: Yes, mostly without branches. A few have pullrequests
15:49 jvwoolf mmorgan: I've push patches to all of the ones that were showstoppers for us so far
15:49 terranm We're going ahead with upgrading because they're not show stoppers for us, but we know there will be some grumblings
15:49 jvwoolf I'm likely done with my concentrated effort unless something comes up when we widen our testing to end users, or after we upgrade
15:50 mmorgan Template issues, silent failure issues are big ones for us.
15:51 mmorgan We're still sorting through and prioritizing
15:51 smorrison joined #evergreen

Results for 2023-01-04

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10:03 Dyrcona miker: Using asset.copy_vis_attr_cache is not always faster than doing the 5 joins necessary to get similar information. The former was faster on one database server where I tested, but on another it was slower than the latter by 10 minutes.
10:04 Dyrcona I also got different numbers of output rows, so it's not a 1:1 comparison. I am using copy_vis_attr_cache and asset.patron_default_visibility_mask() in produciton, now.
10:08 BDorsey joined #evergreen
10:38 Dyrcona phasefx: Please see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ever​green/+bug/1959010/comments/14 . I don't know how much the functionality depends on ngbnav, so I didn't feel comfortable trying to backport the new branch to 3.10.
16:06 kmlussier mmorgan: That's the one I was curious about. I knew about the coffee on up above.
16:07 kmlussier @quote get 131
16:07 pinesol kmlussier: Quote #131: "<kmlussier> All my meetings are about Evergreen, ergo all my meetings are fun." (added by gmcharlt at 03:40 PM, December 02, 2015)
16:08 kmlussier I guess that one didn't stand the test of time.
16:09 jvwoolf :'(
16:11 Dyrcona :)
16:11 jvwoolf kmlussier: I'm heading out but wanted to pop in and say hi before I go. So, hi!

Results for 2022-12-30

13:36 Dyrcona Anyone know the magic sauce that is used by the OPAC to find visible copies to save me from having to pour over code?
13:59 Dyrcona I feel like this shouldn't have been a surprise, like I should already know what to do about it.
14:07 Dyrcona Really useful release note: "Public and staff catalog search is now both more accurate and faster by redesigning how the visibility of records is calculated."
14:25 Dyrcona So, it's too complicated to do visibility testing in the database, now?
14:29 Dyrcona Oh. I missed opac_visible on asset.copy.
14:29 * Dyrcona tries that.
14:31 Dyrcona I don't think that's as useful as it looks.
16:17 Dyrcona Maybe I'll play asset.copy_vis_attr_cache for the next few minutes.
16:20 * Dyrcona wonders if there's any documentation on vis_attr_vector. That was the bit I couldn't figure out from the code. It looks like entry 0 is opac_visible, but I don't know what the rest means.
16:23 Dyrcona Meh. Too late in the day/week/month/year to worry about that. I'll look at it next week.
16:24 miker there's some code comment documentation in the helper functions that build the int array, and that create the queryint value for testing against it, but, as you say, it's 30min from the end of the working year
16:39 Dyrcona I'll see if I can find that next week.
16:40 Dyrcona Happy New Year's everybody!

Results for 2022-12-29

15:29 JBoyer Dyrcona++
15:35 kworstell-isl joined #evergreen
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16:05 JBoyer testing
16:05 berick ack: testing
16:05 JBoyer But not from my bouncer. :(
16:06 JBoyer A mystery for another year I suppose
16:10 JBoyer Speaking of, whoever is around today (Dycona++, berick++, jeff++) have a happy new year.

Results for 2022-12-23

10:26 jvwoolf Ooh
10:26 jvwoolf Just came across this in Launchpad search: https://bugs.launchpad.net/evergreen/+bug/1998355
10:26 pinesol Launchpad bug 1998355 in Evergreen "Did You Mean's search.symspell_dictionary can get significantly bloated" [Medium,New]
10:28 jvwoolf Also wondering about testing this with queued ingest, since we have some time
10:34 Dyrcona I was testing queued ingest, but other things came up before I could finish.
10:35 Dyrcona jvwoolf: That branch you linked needs a db upgrade script.
11:25 mantis1 joined #evergreen
12:04 mmorgan left #evergreen

Results for 2022-12-22

10:10 Dyrcona This JabberClient instance is no longer connected to the server
10:13 Dyrcona ejabberd.log is, of course, useless.
10:26 miker Dyrcona: I have ideas for making facets always faster (or at least never slower) since they can be turned into unique int IDs, but tuits...
10:29 Dyrcona miker: Sounds cool. I also think that should be a separate bug from the ones I'm testing. It's just something that I've noticed.
10:30 Dyrcona It's not always slower, just sometimes.
10:30 * Dyrcona goes fishing through logs for a really crazy search to test.
10:45 Dyrcona So, that jabber thing that I reported earlier: Has anyone ever seen services crash and have 8 listeners all using 100% cpu? This appears to have happened right after I restarted services this morning.
10:47 Dyrcona I suspect something in the configuration must be busted.
10:57 Dyrcona Huh. Just restarting ejabberd seems to have fixed it for now.
12:41 jvwoolf (We don't have symspell in our current version, still on 3.6.5)
12:49 pinesol News from commits: Docs: updating Global Flags docs <https://git.evergreen-ils.org/?p=E​vergreen.git;a=commitdiff;h=832661​1f8dc232dda993dca412e429713189999a>
13:49 csharp_ jvwoolf: it's definitely quicker without all the triggers if you can spare the downtime
13:54 jvwoolf csharp_++
13:55 jvwoolf We have some time so I might test still test with triggers and without
13:56 jvwoolf My guess is that the libraries may prefer to be offline than to have their Sunday staff let loose on a new version that might be slow because of the reingest, but I'll ask that question to our user group
14:05 Dyrcona I think there are some patches in working branches that can make the ingest more palatable, but it looks like I have it on my other laptop, unless the one I was looking at went in.
14:07 jvwoolf Dyrcona: The fix for bug 1931737 is in 3.9.1
14:07 pinesol Launchpad bug 1931737 in Evergreen 3.8 "Did you mean breaks parallel reingest and causes deadlocks when loading/overlaying bib records in the client" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1931737

Results for 2022-12-21

11:27 berick BTW, not sure if the backend will cache anything for a search that times out
11:28 Dyrcona Well, it seems to work in the OPAC most of the time.
11:29 Dyrcona I'll have to compare the two in more depth later.
11:29 * Dyrcona is testing some search fixes on production data.
11:31 Dyrcona It might be this particular search is way too broad given our data, but this has been consistent with other searches, IIRC.
11:32 Dyrcona This search isn't returning results in the OPAC, either, and it gives up almost immediately.
11:33 Dyrcona The query doesn't run nearly as long in the database now, either.
11:56 jvwoolf joined #evergreen
12:06 miker not here, but staff search never uses the cache. else newly added records wouldn't show up
12:16 miker in the olden days, the #staff modifier would force skipping the cache. I think that still works? but docache probably overrides that heuristic
12:20 Dyrcona Well, I've done some more fiddling around with that bug and comparing produciton with my test system with search patches. I get results in production regardless of filters, etc. On the test system, I either have to change to a title search or limit by library to get results.
12:20 Dyrcona I suppose it is just my test database being slower than production.
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Results for 2022-12-20

15:09 Dyrcona That answers my second question with "No."
15:10 Dyrcona I should up the concurrency count, I guess.
15:13 miker I think ab is trying to be too nice, sometimes
15:16 Dyrcona Yeah. I was thinking of saying something about -c. My test machine has 20 CPUs assigned to it, so -c 20 shouldn't be an issue.
15:17 Dyrcona I get 429s in clumps of 3 to 5, then a long string of 200, then an occasional 429. so looks like it works.
15:26 Dyrcona Seems to work better with different search terms I guess pulling the results from cache speeds things up too much. :)
15:34 miker heh, indeed

Results for 2022-12-12

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10:11 Dyrcona miker: Regarding Lp 1999274, I'm going to search the code for CTEs that are used more than once in the parent query and test them for performance on Pg 13. If I find any that need fixing, I'll try using the offset trick on them. (I may switch to testing on Pg 15.)
10:11 pinesol Launchpad bug 1999274 in Evergreen 3.10 "Performance of Search on PostgreSQL Versions 12+" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1999274
10:11 Dyrcona If I find (m)any more, I may change the bug summary for accuracy's sake.
10:27 jmurray-isl joined #evergreen

Results for 2022-12-09

10:38 Dyrcona Not bad though, 3.7 seconds for a seq scan on 3.7 million records.
10:39 Bmagic better than a human
10:43 Dyrcona Adding an index on bre.vis_attr_vector doesn't make a difference in the explain output for the simple query.
10:44 Dyrcona Also, there's an error in the SQL I pasted before. I'm actually running this to test: select id from biblio.record_entry where vis_attr_vector IS NULL OR NOT int4range(0,268435455,'[]') @> ANY(vis_attr_vector);
10:44 Dyrcona I'm going to add an index on acvac.vis_attr_vector and try the big query again.
10:47 Dyrcona That doesn't seem to make a difference either, so I'll try the procedural index that miker suggested yesterday next.
10:54 Dyrcona "create index bre_not_deleted_idx ON biblio.record_entry (id) where deleted = 'f';" doesn't seem to help, either.
11:14 miker select * from config.internal_flag where name like '%delete%'; if you're in psql
11:16 Dyrcona I'm pretty sure that's on, but I'll double check.
11:17 Dyrcona Nope. enabled = 'f'.
11:17 miker kk
11:20 miker Dyrcona: a big change in pg 12 is the default for non-materialized CTEs. we can't just do it across the board yet, but do you have the full original query handy to test by hand? if so, in front of each CTE (WITH-clause), after the AS keyword, what happens if you add MATERIALIZED between AS and the open-( ?
11:21 Dyrcona I'll give that a shot. I have it open in my editor.
11:23 miker if that makes things happy -- and I can imagine it will because estimates of the number rows coming out of a tsearch CTE are ... usually way off -- then we /can/ add a PG version check and add it when it's available. there's precedent for that in the record attribute testing infrastructure.
11:27 Dyrcona It's worse, but I may have missed a couple: Execution Time: 115367.485 ms
11:31 Dyrcona OK! I missed c_attr and b_attr before. after adding materialized to those two, it was much better: Execution Time: 3123.997 ms
11:32 Dyrcona My guess is c_attr as materialized does the magic.
11:34 Dyrcona "That's a bingo!"
11:37 miker limit and offset are usually optimization fences ... Dyrcona, would you mind trying this? remove the MATERIALIZED on c_attr and add "OFFSET 0" just before the closing ) on that CTE
11:38 Dyrcona OK. I was about to say that we'd have to bump the minimum Pg version to 12 if we use materialized CTEs.
11:38 miker if that has the same effect, we should be able to (for now, until PG learns how to ignore useless limit/offset) do that.
11:39 miker as for versioning, we already test for the version in one other place and change query structure based on that. we could do it here if MATERIALIZED is the answer
11:40 miker we could also mark the function volatile to force materialization
11:40 Dyrcona Execution Time: 2675.806 ms
11:40 miker oh hey, look at that
11:40 Dyrcona So, the offset works, too.
11:44 Dyrcona Should I try that, too, or are we happy with "offset 0"?
11:44 miker it is, but only in OPAC searches. staff search does use search.calculate_visibility_attribute_test thought
11:45 miker though, even
11:45 Dyrcona FYI, I'm testing on Pg 13, but it probably doesn't matter.
11:47 miker offset 0 is the more self-documenting variant that works for all pg version, for now. though, again, we can version-test and use materialized in 12+
11:49 miker testing offset 0 on an older version, just to be sure
11:49 Dyrcona I was talking about marking search.calculate_visibility_attribute_test as volatile.
11:50 miker right
11:50 Dyrcona I'm going to try it just because I can.
11:50 miker +1, try away!
11:52 Dyrcona Volatile without offset 0 works, too, but I'll defer to your opinion on offset 0.
11:53 Dyrcona Execution time is about the same, 4ms difference which is probably not related to the change.
12:17 miker I got curious and checked the difference between ts_rank and ts_rank_cd ... it's bigger than I thought :(
12:18 miker in my test query, 3ms vs 90ms, respectively
12:22 jihpringle joined #evergreen
12:28 miker Dyrcona: do you want to branchify that, or shall I?
12:28 Dyrcona miker: ts_rank makes a roughly 67ms difference in execution time.
12:28 Dyrcona in my test environment.
12:29 Dyrcona If you want to branch it, that's fine with me. I was going to open a Lp bug, but I should actually look into yet another OOM on the db server.
12:29 Dyrcona It happened just before noon.
12:29 miker oh, well, that's not enough to warrant further investigation this moment. my test case may be unusual
12:29 miker I'll put together the patch and await your LP, then?
12:30 Dyrcona OK with me.
12:36 Dyrcona Is it possible to POST an OPAC search?
12:42 miker it is
12:43 miker (and, note, i was incorrect about staff search not using the patron vis test function -- it does, it just ignores that the the WHERE clause)
12:43 miker Dyrcona: https://git.evergreen-ils.org/?p=working/Ever​green.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/user/miker/​optimization-fence-for-pg-12-CTEs-in-search for your eyeballs
12:45 Dyrcona miker++
12:46 Dyrcona Re POST: I guess we'll need to work out a mitigation for POSTS with "bad" queries in them.
13:33 kworstell-isl joined #evergreen
15:21 jihpringle Bmagic: depends on the version, there's an admin interface starting in 3.8 or 3.9 I think (we definitely have it in 3.9)
15:21 Bmagic jihpringle++
15:22 mmorgan It's new in 3.9
15:22 Stompro I testing on 3.9, so I get to try that out.
15:25 jeffdavis In addition to the new staff portal config options, we add an iframe to the page so we can display news updates from another source: http://git.sitka.bclibraries.ca/gitweb/​?p=sitka/evergreen.git;a=commitdiff;h=4​5bfec6b5b1a7a8d0dfd898aa68926d17bb8f1ca
15:25 jeffdavis I should probably turn that into a feature request.
15:28 Stompro jeffdavis, thanks, that is interesting.
15:31 kworstell-isl joined #evergreen
15:34 Stompro Shoot, "it won’t try to merge branch, system, and consortial-level entries" I cannot have System portal with the odd entry for a specific branch.  But I get that would be more complex to figure out.
15:53 jihpringle ya, if you want different portals for different org units with slight differences you have to re-create the portal for each org unit you want (but there is a clone button)
15:58 miker Dyrcona: I'll clean up the commit message and push another branch. if you're in a position to test the patch in both opac and staff search, it'd be a much appreciated cross check.
16:00 Dyrcona miker: Sure thing!
16:59 mmorgan left #evergreen
17:00 Stompro Who do I contact to add something to the tabular release notes?

Results for 2022-12-08

10:06 jeff There are a number of settings that you can tweak to make pg_restore complete faster. Most are "running with scissors" things like setting WAL to minimal, increasing checkpoint_segments, setting fsync=off (DANGER, Will Robinson!), etc. I've also seen recommendations to decrease shared_buffers so that you can increase work_mem to help with index building.
10:07 jeff Oh, also: turning off autovacuum is usually a good idea. You're probably planning to vacuum when the restore is complete anyway.
10:07 Dyrcona jeff: Thanks. I'll just leave things as they are.
10:08 Dyrcona I've got a file with settings that I think are optimized for this server. I move it from conf.d to conf.d for whatever version I'm testing. I restart those specific Pg instances, and then start the restore.
10:09 jeff I don't if there's an authoritative, up to date list of these recommendations. Not seeing it in a quick few searches.
10:09 Dyrcona I suppose I could do some "fancy" things to speed up the restore, but whatever. I was mainly thinking about restoring into a database with default settings versus one with better settings for the hardware.
10:10 jeff Oh, and of course -j, but you probably already had that in mind and weren't considering it as a "setting". :-)

Results for 2022-12-07

10:09 Dyrcona csharp_: I'm not seeing the same slowness in the Bootstrap OPAC.
10:13 Dyrcona OK. log_statement = 'all' is way too much...
10:14 kworstell-isl joined #evergreen
10:31 Dyrcona csharp_: I ran your query on my test db server with production data on Pg 14, and I get a different explain output: https://pastebin.com/8k1cwNZM
10:32 Dyrcona Granted, it still took almost 2 minutes to run the query.
10:49 Dyrcona The copy_vis_attr_cache is still the worst part of the query, even if my server used an index scan: https://explain.depesz.com/s/EBTe
11:12 sleary joined #evergreen
16:07 mmorgan primordial error :)
16:08 mmorgan Confirmed that the lower case ones allow maintaining the closed dates.
16:27 Dyrcona Yeah, the backend Perl code checks for the lower case permissions. open-il.pcrud will use the upper case perms.
16:39 csharp_ Dyrcona: thanks for your additional testing - just got back from four-hour commutes yesterday/today, so it will be tomorrow before I have the wherewhital to look :-)
16:43 Dyrcona csharp_: No worries. I'm waiting on the data to restore to Pg 11.
16:43 Dyrcona In the meantime, I've been working on bringing our customizations up to rel_3_10.
17:19 mmorgan left #evergreen

Results for 2022-12-06

10:20 Dyrcona Yeah, we set it to 9 a few years for some large query. Don't remember if it was search or what.
10:21 Dyrcona Every increase doubles the number of joins that can be collapsed or whatever that setting does.
10:22 Dyrcona I might remove it from my Pg 14 config to see what happens at 8.
10:23 Dyrcona I haven't started performance testing, yet. I'm still mucking about with getting a database upgraded and dumped so I can load it on Pg 14.
11:42 jvwoolf We saw some high open-ils.storage drones on our OPAC servers and high load on our database this morning. I'm looking at the logs but not finding a cause that I can directly point to. Any ideas on what to look for?
11:53 jeffdavis csharp_: fyi we have the fix for bug 1990306 in production now - too soon to say whether it resolves the problem but at least it doesn't seem to break anything
11:53 pinesol Launchpad bug 1990306 in Evergreen "Flood of open-ils.actor.user.has_work_perm_at.batch requests for VIEW_USER with null authtoken" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1990306

Results for 2022-12-05

10:17 Dyrcona https://github.com/EquinoxOpenLi​braryInitiative/migration-tools
10:17 Bmagic ty
10:18 Dyrcona It turns out that I haven't cloned it on this laptop, yet.
10:22 csharp_ oof - opac queries on EG 3.10/PG 14 are taking 7 minutes
10:22 csharp_ done all the vacuuming, etc. - doing an explain analyze now
10:22 csharp_ (on a test server, not PINES production)
10:23 Bmagic hmmm, that's no good
10:23 Dyrcona csharp_: Not good, but not bad that you've caught it before going to production.
10:23 rhamby Dyrcona got there before I did :)

Results for 2022-12-02

08:40 jeff Stompro: sounds likely. I'd reach out to their support, let them know what you're seeing.
08:41 jeff (you may have done that already)
08:43 Stompro jeff, I did send my logs and packet dumps to my Content Cafe contact and they said they think they found the problem last night around 6:30pm cst.
08:46 Stompro I also think I figured out how to enforce a timeout in AddedContent.pm that keeps things from slowing down so much.  Need to keep testing that though.
08:59 dguarrac joined #evergreen
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12:20 mantis1 joined #evergreen
12:22 RMiller ejabberd status shows an error: "Failed to request certificate for biblio01, proxy.private.localhost and 11 more hosts..." Relevant?
12:23 Dyrcona RMiller: Maybe. Did yous stop services during the upgrade or did you leave them running?
12:25 RMiller I'm guessing that after I updated the ejabberd configuration and tested it, I probably left it running for the rest of the process
12:25 RMiller I stopped OpenSRF and apache2, I'm sure
12:26 RMiller ejabberd gave me an almighty hassle about the mnesia database not belonging to localhost
12:28 RMiller (The message about not finding libdbi that the settings-tester.pl scripts creates doesn't apply anymore, right?)

Results for 2022-12-01

09:59 Stompro csharp_, thanks, I found them.
09:59 csharp_ Stompro: happy to help!
10:01 Dyrcona Maybe B&T are being DOS'd? They've been having issues lately...
10:01 jeffdavis looks like you can set a longer timeout interval for Content Cafe in opensrf.xml if that would help with testing
10:02 jeffdavis not sure setting it to 1.2 minutes is a great idea though
10:06 Dyrcona We're using Bootstrap 4 with Angular?
10:11 Stompro jeffdavis, I'm fine with the request timing out quickly... but it just seems strange that the request to opac/extras/ac/jacket/small/r/ doesn't return 404 faster.
10:12 Stompro And it doesn't seem like it registers with the error counter, that is supposed to disable the added content provider after x number of failures.
11:17 csharp_ oh postgresql 14, why oh why do you care about where VERBOSE belongs in a VACUUM statement
11:35 Dyrcona There's probably a release note on that, but I never noticed.
11:36 Dyrcona csharp_: Are you using Pg 14 in produciton, or moving data for testing?
11:57 Dyrcona If I want a purchase order to try again after a FTP error, I just update the status to retry, right? I can't remember if there are other fields to change.
11:58 Dyrcona The status of acq.edi_message I mean.
12:01 Dyrcona Oh well, guess it's time to call it a day.
13:48 terranm It works! Hallelujah!
14:19 jihpringle joined #evergreen
14:21 csharp_ berick++
15:06 Stompro More content cafe testings... when load a catalog results page with 10 items, I'm seeing 7 successful requests, and 3 requests that eventually time out.  The Timeout setting has no effect, because that only works when the agent is waiting for a response.  tcpdump shows that the only communication is the initial packet to setup the connection, and then retries being sent.
15:08 Stompro Makes me think that B&T is limiting connections per second in a very unfriendly way.
15:15 mantis1 joined #evergreen
17:05 jvwoolf left #evergreen

Results for 2022-11-30

14:35 jeffdavis At Sitka each library has its own OPAC skin. We have some template customizations in git that apply across all skins. We also have some library-specific settings (logo, colors, banner messages, etc.) that we manage with a separate templating system rather than tracking them in our main git repo.
14:36 jeffdavis So, rather than maintaining 80 different config.tt2 files for 80 different libraries, we have a system that generates and deploys a different config.tt2 for each library based on some settings in a yaml file.
14:37 Dyrcona Yeah, I'd probably do the same. We don't allow individual customization beyond changing the logo.
14:38 Dyrcona We did toy with a separate academic skin several years ago, but it never got past testing.
14:39 jihpringle the majority of our non-logo/colour customizations are for our academic sites
14:40 jihpringle we recently added it to our docs to make it easier for our libraries to know what can and can't be customized - http://docs.libraries.coop/sitka/_p​ublic_catalogue_customizations.html
14:46 Dyrcona Well, that sounds reasonable.
15:09 mmorgan We've made a lot of our opac customizations into org unit settings so we don't need to maintain the tt2 files, just update settings in the db.
15:13 csharp_ yes, squashing is appealing because it feels cleaner, but then you need to revert one of the squashed commits later and you're like "oh yeah, that's why we don't do it like that"
15:13 Dyrcona Speaking of settings and what not. I'm trying to test something in eg2, and while I can just go there by putting eg2 in the URL, I thought there was a setting somewhere that would do it automagically from the staff opac.
15:13 Dyrcona csharp_: Exactly that.
15:21 Dyrcona Hmm... Looks like I'll have to edit nav.component.html
15:26 Dyrcona So, I'm readying this right that current master still goes to AngularJS for circulation functions from eg2?
16:00 mmorgan Stompro: Yes, I'm seeing issues in the opac and Novelist today. The service was unavailable back on 11/21, but it restored the next day.
16:02 Stompro I keep turning it back on, and then having the requests start to fail an hour to a few minutes later.
16:06 Dyrcona I suspect B&T have issues again.
16:06 Dyrcona At any rate, I successfully modified nav.component.html to go to eg2 for checkin, checkout, and renewal.....so I can test the changes that I want to make.
16:08 * Dyrcona should stash that commit in a special branch for later reuse.
16:22 Dyrcona If I use ng build --watch do I have to specify the output directory? If so, is it /openils/var/web/eg2 or /openils/var/web/eg2/en-US ?
16:23 berick Dyrcona: ng build puts files into $Evergreen/Open-ILS/web/eg2/

Results for 2022-11-28

10:21 dguarrac joined #evergreen
11:42 Dyrcona Libraries need to clear their hold shelves.
11:43 mmorgan :)
11:48 Dyrcona I'm not having any luck with the patches for Lp 1971745. I guess my local test system's database is just too slow. Neither patch seems to make a difference for me on an "optimized" database or a default configured database with production data.
11:48 pinesol Launchpad bug 1971745 in Evergreen 3.9 "Holds shelf list can fail to retrieve results" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1971745
12:02 jihpringle joined #evergreen
12:02 Christineb joined #evergreen
12:33 Dyrcona The patches are working for me on another development system running 3.7.3....
12:38 Dyrcona I wonder if the problem is the other db server, or if something went wrong with the upgrade from 3.7.3 to master?
12:38 * Dyrcona will test on a 3.7.3 vm with the other db server.
12:49 Dyrcona Hmm... That system with the "bad" db server won't load a hold shelf with about 9 copies.
12:49 Dyrcona OK. It loaded on the second try.
13:01 Dyrcona With or without the patches this other test system can't grab a hold shelf with 100 items.
13:01 Dyrcona @blame the db server
13:01 pinesol Dyrcona: the db server is the SPY!
13:28 Dyrcona This is the server that took 5 minutes to connect cstore, prcrud, and storage last week, so....
15:25 Stompro Dyrcona, "there's a reason we setup the offline directory twice in our Apache configuration? It's done in eg.conf and again in eg_vhost.conf" I noticed this also, it seemed to be needed when I tried to add a new cgi script, I don't understand why though.
15:25 Stompro Dyrcona++ thanks for looking at the hold shelf display bug.
15:29 Dyrcona Stompro: That's interesting about the configuration and the cgi script. I might investigate that.
15:30 Dyrcona I really wanted to test the hold shelf fixes on Pg 15, but that was on the server that has issues....
15:38 jvwoolf left #evergreen
15:41 Dyrcona Hrm... What version of PostgreSQL should I recommend in the branch that removes Pg 10? I'm inclined to go with Pg 14.
15:41 Dyrcona Maybe I'll put this branch off until we can have some developer discussion around it.
15:45 Stompro I don't have any input on that, but I'm looking forward to having a recommendation to follow :-)
15:49 Dyrcona Well, I'm not sure anyone else will have much to say about that at the next dev. meeting. I'm still inclined to recommend Pg 14, since I've been testing new development on Concerto with that. My latest 2 vms for concerto will use Pg 15 because I used them to develop/test the Pg 15 branch.
15:50 berick i'm looking at 14 as our next upgrade target fwiw
15:50 berick and have been using it for dev, etc.
15:50 Dyrcona I also wonder if we should come up with recommendations for upgrading Pg versions. There are often extra steps required with Evergreen.

Results for 2022-11-23

12:34 Dyrcona :)
13:00 csharp_ @dessert [someone]
13:00 * pinesol grabs some Key Lime Pie for dluch
13:15 Dyrcona So, for anyone who cares, I'm setting up two local test VMs with PostgreSQL 15. I'll run the tests later today to see what (if anything) breaks.
13:23 Dyrcona Has anyone ever left a server/vm set to UTC, and if so, did you encounter any noticeable issues?
13:49 kmlussier joined #evergreen
13:51 jeff I recall having issues with that recently on 3.7. I think it was the database server being left at UTC, and I don't recall of the top of my head how far I looked into if that was an issue with lib.timezone not being set somewhere, etc.
14:08 Dyrcona jeffdavis++
14:09 Dyrcona I know we fixed a bunch of issues in the past. I might set one of these vms back to UTC to try it out.
14:14 Dyrcona I've not really noticed before, but I wonder if there's a reason we setup the offline directory twice in our Apache configuration? It's done in eg.conf and again in eg_vhost.conf. I wonder if we do that for other directories?
14:33 Dyrcona So, first complete installations of Evergreen with Pg 15 completed. OPAC and staff client seem to work. Now to run the tests.
14:38 Dyrcona pgtap tests all pass.
14:49 Dyrcona Perl tests also pass.
14:58 Dyrcona Every now and then, I think the action.hold_request.phone_notify field should be changed to a Boolean, particularly when we get tickets asking why the patron's "real" phone number doesn't print on the hold slip.
16:06 Dyrcona Oof...
16:07 Dyrcona Just missed .....

Results for 2022-11-22

12:53 mmorgan jeff++
12:53 Dyrcona So, installing plprofiler for different Pg versions was relatively easy. I should document it for future me...
12:53 Dyrcona jeff++
13:01 Stompro mmorgan++, jihpringle++ thanks, just tested again and seems to be back for us also.  I'm going to wait a few hours before I re-enable though.
13:01 mmorgan Stompro: Probably a good idea :)
13:01 mmorgan Stompro++
13:42 jmurray-isl jeff++  Verified on my dev server.

Results for 2022-11-15

15:05 JBoyer #info sandbegja and others are looking into AngularJS node module security updates
15:05 JBoyer #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/evergreen/+bug/1992529
15:05 pinesol Launchpad bug 1992529 in Evergreen "Upgrade insecure npm dependencies for angularjs staff client" [Medium,New]
15:06 JBoyer It looks like things are going alright, terranm was able to successfully do some testing but no one involved seems to be here to expand on it.
15:06 JBoyer There is a branch available that anyone comfortable poking at Angular should take a look at, if it made it in before 3.10 that would be great.
15:07 JBoyer #topic Evergreen Release Updates
15:07 JBoyer Any updates from the 3.10 relteam?
15:21 gmcharlt or "go through all of the TODO and FIXME comments in the code"
15:21 berick agreed a list of common issues could be helpful
15:21 gmcharlt or "go through the release notes for the past few years and note any deprecation announcements"
15:24 jeffdavis Given our code, is it possible to automate something like testing that a shelving location selector can be scoped by org unit?
15:26 gmcharlt generally speaking, yes - more unit tests for the Angular components is certainly possible
15:26 JBoyer sandbergja demo'd some "e2e" testing during the hackaway that could potentially do things like that; they're Angular tests that drive the browser and verify its results.
15:26 gmcharlt but that's a very concrete way of answering the question
15:26 gmcharlt jeffdavis: is the question more about how to enumerate and document standing expectations for behavior?
15:27 jeff If we start with a list that is suitable for use as a checklist, then we could use the start with using the checklist and potentially craft some automated lint-like checks of common issues like unscoped selectors.
15:29 gmcharlt commit message templates embedding a (brief) checklist might also be a way - https://thoughtbot.com/blog/better-comm​it-messages-with-a-gitmessage-template
15:30 jeffdavis sorry, I keep typing and deleting responses :)
15:30 shulabear joined #evergreen
15:30 jeffdavis a checklist is one example of a way to improve the QA part of our test/commit process, I think we're interested in any kind of solution that improves QA to avoid these kind of recurring problems
15:31 jeffdavis (it is a very broad problem set for sure, and I agree that formulating a more specific list would be a great next step)
15:32 jeffdavis I can do some more work with our local support folks to gather more specific examples and flesh out a list for next meeting.
15:33 JBoyer jeffdavis++
15:33 JBoyer Care to #action that for the notes?
15:33 shulabear jeffdavis++
16:00 JBoyer #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/evergreen/+bug/1948693
16:00 pinesol Launchpad bug 1948693 in Evergreen "Migrate from NgbTabset to NgbNav (from ng-bootstrap)" [Medium,Confirmed] - Assigned to Stephanie Leary (stephanieleary)
16:01 JBoyer berick, sorry for the lateness, but if there's anything you'd like to add it's all yours
16:01 berick thanks
16:01 berick a couple quick things
16:01 berick I'm planning to start down the path of updating to Angular 14, Bootstrap 5, etc.
16:02 berick first part is review/test/merge of bug 1948693, which now has a patch
16:02 pinesol Launchpad bug 1948693 in Evergreen "Migrate from NgbTabset to NgbNav (from ng-bootstrap)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1948693 - Assigned to Stephanie Leary (stephanieleary)
16:02 berick it touches lot of UI's, so my question is if I post it on a public VM somewhere can someone help me bounce through and test the UIs?
16:02 berick basically making sure they load OK and tabs work OK
16:03 berick i'll post a link to the LP when it's testable
16:03 berick i don't need a committment, just putting that out there.
16:03 sleary I would appreciate a lot of eyes on this one. Obviously I ran through them before committing, but there are a few areas where I didn't have adequate test data
16:03 JBoyer I'm sure pinging the dev lists would help get some people to poke at it too.
16:04 berick more generally, the Angular etc update is going to affect probably every angular dependency.
16:04 berick it's not something we'll want to let linger once it's ready
16:12 JBoyer Also, scottangel feel free to ask any questions you might have now, it's basically a free-for-all when meetings aren't going on. :)
16:12 scottangel Well then... One question I have is... can I help with the Bootstrap 5 conversion? I love me some bootstraps.
16:13 * jeff pokes at Google Calendar a bit more...
16:13 berick miker: if your patch involves updating nodejs or adding new deps, then I'd say yes to committing it
16:14 berick scottangel++ # we will need lots of manual testing
16:14 miker well, it /shouldn't/ require that. just a consequence of installing a new version of the node.js binaries
16:14 miker and rebuilding node_modules
16:14 scottangel I can help with that as well.

Results for 2022-11-10

12:03 rfrasur joined #evergreen
12:06 csharp_ jeffdavis: did you ever see any luck with your fix to https://bugs.launchpad.net/evergreen/+bug/1990306?
12:06 pinesol Launchpad bug 1990306 in Evergreen "Flood of open-ils.actor.user.has_work_perm_at.batch requests for VIEW_USER with null authtoken" [Undecided,New]
12:09 jeffdavis csharp_: I still need to properly test that branch, we don't have it in prod yet
12:13 csharp_ ok - understood - thanks!
12:14 jihpringle joined #evergreen
12:45 collum joined #evergreen

Results for 2022-11-03

16:11 terranm Ok
16:27 sleary joined #evergreen
16:29 javier_guel joined #evergreen
16:31 javier_guel Hi all, I am testing to migrate from 3.4.2 to 3.9.0 EG, the server and the service is up with the 3.9.0v, but I am testing on the web opac and it shows "Sorry, no entries were found for your search.", I have to run any other extra step to show records?
16:38 jihpringle javier_guel: I can't help with your question, but we upgraded to 3.9.0 a few months ago and if you haven't already I definitely recommend looking at some of the fixes in 3.9.1 - especially the ones around the holdings editor (I think we backported most of those ones for our upgrade)
16:39 csharp_ javier_guel: may need to reingest your bibs to get all the search stuff updated
16:40 csharp_ probably instructions in the DB upgrade script outputs
22:21 pinesol News from commits: LP1993859 Keyboard tabbing for results pagination <https://git.evergreen-ils.org/?p=E​vergreen.git;a=commitdiff;h=2e3eee​c000f0df137523dc55097b423e8f4baf6a>
22:21 pinesol News from commits: LP1994159 Higher contrast H2s <https://git.evergreen-ils.org/?p=E​vergreen.git;a=commitdiff;h=0833b8​74b7550929fee3da534ecca62a66edc8a7>
22:52 pinesol News from commits: LP1995032 Add empty alt text to decorative icons <https://git.evergreen-ils.org/?p=E​vergreen.git;a=commitdiff;h=ef0d69​f04e14e231d9d854cdb2076f118f417d62>
22:52 pinesol News from commits: LP1824709: Allow comboboxes inputs to have IDs <https://git.evergreen-ils.org/?p=E​vergreen.git;a=commitdiff;h=965eed​0754eee7ef213d635e8217b9f981d1e3a9>
23:22 pinesol News from commits: LP1972928: Show course user role dropdown choices without typing <https://git.evergreen-ils.org/?p=E​vergreen.git;a=commitdiff;h=0a09e1​3670f11ddfae6e2b7e2e7fcbf01345c4f5>
23:22 pinesol News from commits: lp1856097 stamp and small fixes to upgrade script <https://git.evergreen-ils.org/?p=E​vergreen.git;a=commitdiff;h=2e1ae9​e2e72373af1b917709b12731461ce965eb>
23:22 pinesol News from commits: lp1856097 Tide Default Classification Scheme Description <https://git.evergreen-ils.org/?p=E​vergreen.git;a=commitdiff;h=9aa6ea​3e9bcaaf20ddf9520179601a0381afc11f>
23:52 pinesol News from commits: LP1895675 Bootstrap OPAC: Add notification method testing to My Account <https://git.evergreen-ils.org/?p=E​vergreen.git;a=commitdiff;h=da4979​dd5a786dbdf6b9ee8729a72fd21b6a506d>

Results for 2022-11-02

14:50 Dyrcona :)
14:51 Dyrcona Sometimes you ubunut, sometimes you ubudon't. :)
14:51 jihpringle joined #evergreen
15:02 * Dyrcona start fiddling with Pg 15 on a test server, but may not get serious about it until next week.
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Results for 2022-10-28

09:17 Dyrcona miker: I got "something new" while loading a file of 100,000 records overnight. This time an error about failing to enqueue a record during the load process. Haven't seen that before. I'll paste the scroll back in a few minutes.
09:33 miker Dyrcona: right on, thanks
09:33 sandbergja joined #evergreen
09:35 sandbergja Good morning!  I'm getting test failures when trying to run the angularjs unit tests, in the steps to mock the orgs for the egOrg tests.  Anybody else running into that?
09:37 Dyrcona miker: https://pastebin.com/4BNh3wG1 # tmux++
09:37 Dyrcona I'm going to run another batch of 100,000.
09:46 miker Dyrcona: what are the chances that there are actual dupes (by id) in the file? not knowing what loadrecords (parallel? trigger shenanigans? Dark Magic?), hard to troubleshoot how that might happen. if there were truly conflicting queue entries then the fact that one or the other didn't make it into the queue is immaterial, but even in that case, we can quiet the noise.  I would definitely be concerned if, at the end of enqueuing, the ids listed in

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